Chapter History

In April of 2012, a few of our initial members began to discuss the idea of forming a new fraternity. Born out of a desire to shape their own fraternity experience, they began with a list of changes they wanted to make to the typical fraternity structure. From there we extended offers to like-minded friends to join the potential fraternity. We found that the idea was quite popular and we had eighteen worthy men by the end of the semester. We recognized that there was a lot of value in affiliating with a national fraternity, and thus began discussions with several national fraternities. We found our discussions with Tau Kappa Epsilon to be most fruitful and after several TKE alums volunteered to help us, we began to work towards colonization. When we returned in the fall, we gained six more members bringing us to a total of twenty-four. After several discussions with school we were recognized as a fraternal organization and signed a Fraternal Organization Agreement. We colonized in December 2012, and are excited to announce that we officially became a chapter of TKE in February 2014.

Tau Kappa Epsilon History

“The founders of the Knights of Classic Lore desired an organization different from those represented by the existing fraternities. Their desire was to establish a fraternity in which the primary requisites for membership would be the personal worth and character of the individual rather than the wealth he possessed, the honors or titles he could display, or the rank he maintained on the social ladder.”

Founded: January 10, 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Why the triangle?: The first three chapters founded were located equidistant in the shape of an equilateral triangle.

Quick Facts: TKE is the largest Fraternity in the nation with more than 257,000 members in 291 active chapters in the U.S and Canada. TKE colors are cherry and gray.

Famous Tekes: Ronald Reagan, Elvis Presley, many congressmen and professional athletes, and more.